Calling all inventors, artists, astronauts, designers, engineers, scientists, magicians, performers, creatives, makers, hackers and slackers :), of all ages!

Future Scouts is a series of creative laboratories to prepare youngsters, teens and adults with tools, frameworks and models helpful to navigate an increasingly complex world.

A crash course in the future - we share the significant shifts we are likely to experience in the next 5-15 years (and beyond). We highlight emerging paradigm shifts across science, economics, technology, arts and culture, and how they may affect us.


Drawing on our network of artists, performers, musicians and technologists, we create experiences in which participants are exposed to next-generation technologies - masters classes and hands on experience with those who are on the cutting-edge of science + art + technology.


We create environments and processes in which participants are encouraged to model and scenario their own desires and goals and future with different forms of media, using speculative design, storytelling and world building techniques to project into their future self.

Social media. Privacy. Reputation. Storytelling. Mindfulness. Quantified Self. Virtual & Augmented Reality. Robotics. Gaming. The Future of Work. Re-wilding. Space Travel. Creative Production. Critical Making. Rapid Prototyping. Systems Thinking & Crypto everything.


Future Scouts hosts a series of programs and events for youth and adults throughout the year. Summer programs take place over the course of two weeks in various locations around the city, with a different theme and focus to each.

More info on adult programs will be posted this Fall.

Part urban exploration, mobile classroom and creative workshop, Future Scouts encourages creativity, the value of collaboration and intentional and conscious use of technology. Each day we visit community art spaces, next-generation technology companies, co-working spaces, and spend time with invited guests who share their knowledge and experience. We explore and utilize museums and public spaces. Future Scouts creates an opportunity to confront the unknown and expand our future horizons.

July 10th-21st, 2017 (ages 13-18)
Culver City, CA
Cost: FREE


Our urban laboratory for world building. Design and creative production. Futures thinking. Intellectual self-defense. Storytelling. Exploring systems. Making games. Prototyping with materials. Having conversations that matter. Learning about ourselves. Defining our preferred futures in a quickly changing world. 


Future Worlds Fair 2037 is an immersion in 21st century survival skills – an urban creative lab blending mind-body balance, where we help youth to develop a blend of social, emotional and mental skills. They learn the design and creative process and create an artifact from the future, which they feature at a public Future World’s Fair at the end of two weeks.

July 31st-August 5th (ages 13-18)
Portland, OR
Cost: FREE


Learning about food systems. Designing our own recipes. Personalizing nutrition. Getting to know our gut. Economics of food production and distribution. Principles of permaculture. How choices about food reflect our values. Nomadism. Culture. Building a mobile food cart.  Exploring how we eat in the 21st century. 


Over the course of a week-long design and build intensive, we will explore the future of food, diet and nutrition through the design and prototype a mobile learning laboratory called the “Future of Food” Cart. It will contain a variety of resources and experiences related to food created by our youth, including serving unique foods of the 21st century. 

August 7th-12th (ages 13-18)
Ashland, OR
Cost: FREE


Wearable tech. Metamaterials. Mixed reality. Biotextiles. Smart fabrics. Embedded sensors. Fashion statements from the future. Upcycling. Utility. Functionality. Aesthetics. Algorithmic design. Next-gen interfaces. Expressing our identities. Culture crafting. Designing new meanings into what we wear.


This week-long program, in collaboration with Circuit Youth, will guide youth in exploring the future of fashion and how it connects us to our environment and each other. In the process we’ll work on projects, experiment with materials, and prototype artifacts from the possible futures of fashion. Some of these artifacts will be showcased in September at Maker Faire PDX!

*Any donations gladly accepted.
Please ask us about how this project is funded and how you can
help us continue to offer this as a service to the youth community.




Future Scouts is best suited for those who are motivated to learn new skills, have an artistic or entrepreneurial projects they would like to work on, or who are self-directed in their own learning. We please ask that you please fill out an application as part of our registration process.
Our summer sessions are limited to 12 scouts each, as to provide a focused and personalized experience for participants.
We encourage all to attend our sessions in their entirety. There will be a set drop-off and pick-up point in West Los Angeles, and we will be traveling by mobile classroom / small bus around the city.


Have more questions about Futurescouts, get to know us better, or collaborate with us? Message us, or give us a call and talk to us @ (310) 775 0153.

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