Our Mission & Values

Our children are growing up in a world with a rate of accelerated change. With each passing generation, the minds of children evolve and adapt to new behaviors, cultural mores, new interfaces and technologies, ways of learning and communicating.


Youth are fundamentally rewiring their brains in novel ways through exposure to new technologies through the adolescent years. They are subconsciously learning new behavior patterns that different with the release of every new app, every new device, not always with conscious awareness.


The mission of FutureScouts is to prepare youth with the survival skills for the 21st century – the ability to problem-solve, model complex systems, evaluate knowledge, and create their own narratives. We do this through providing knowledge, experiences and tools that help them become authors of their own future.


Kids of today are the innovators of tomorrow.

Self-directed and collaborative learning are essential skills.

No talking down necessary.

Conscious and intentional use of technology.

Connection to our natural environment is vital to well-being.

Healthy mind, healthy body.